I can’t honestly remember how I came to possess the book, Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss.  I don’t recall buying it or someone giving it to me.  It was a book that I suddenly, but always somehow, just seemed to have.  Not quite like it magically appeared, but maybe…sort of…

Now having a book and reading a book, as I came to know with this particular book, can be two very different things.  Anatomy of the Spirit, was a book that I had for many years, but could never bring myself to read.  On my night table it patiently sat and sat.  I wanted to read it, don’t get me wrong, but I just simply couldn’t.  Every once in a while, I would be drawn by its dusty cover and intriguing title and open it up.  A few pages in, however, my brain would seem to start to vibrate as a strange feeling of familiarity would wash over me.  Startled and confused, I would put it down again, until the next time…

It was Carolyn Myss’ section on “Energy Anatomy” in Anatomy of the Spirit that struck a chord with me the most.  Without any medical training and only minimal education in human anatomy, I too was able to connect the chakras with their corresponding organs and possible mental, emotional and physical dysfunctions.  I had been taught to use chakra visualization in both yoga and meditation, but only briefly and informally.  I used these healing tools to develop my intuition and to draft the anatomy of my own spirit and balance my own energy centres.  Myss’ work was the validation that I had no idea I was even looking for.

My friends, family and colleagues became my willing “practice” clients in the years that followed.  They came to me steadily and privately.

  • One friend had developed an aversion to the colour orange and was feeling uncomfortable with expressing herself sexually – with energy-examination, she remembered that she had experienced significant trauma to her second “sacral” energy centre.
  • A colleague was experiencing extreme headaches and periods of faintness, both areas governed by the sixth “third-eye” chakra – after some support and reflection, she took some time away to work through some childhood trauma that was just beginning to surface.
  • A family member struggled with his ability to speak with ease and confidence and although he claimed his favourite colour was blue, the colour of the fifth “throat” energy centre, I didn’t believe him – he has since recalled years of being emotionally stifled in his past relationships and work environments.

It was through Carline Myss’ Anatomy of the Spirit that I discovered the term Medical Intuitive.  Up until that point, I’d had no luck finding a title to describe the energy work that I’d been practicing.  I wasn’t comfortable with psychic, nor was I interested in becoming a full-blown psychotherapist; healing intuitive was too flakey for me and I knew I wanted to be more than just another “shoulder to lean on”.  I also knew, that training and credibility were important to me.

In my nearly mad attempt to define myself and my future direction, I came across the International College of Medical Intuition in an internet search of “medical intuitive” one day.  When I saw that Anatomy of the Spirit, along with many other of Caroline Myss’ books were a part of the Certified Medical Intuitive program, my brain began to vibrate once again.  It was finally time to for me to read this book!  No longer startled or confused, by the feeling of familiarity that would wash over me – I had found myself – my intuition – my home.

Xo ~ Angela

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