About IAM

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I am Angela Slater, a Medical Intuitive, Healing Artist and President of Intuitive Art Medicine Inc. or IAM.  I have chosen to share my Healing Wisdom and Intuitive Skills, to help others to develop their own.

My Art Is My Medicine – this is what makes me different.  Rather than be a victim to my traumatic life experiences, I have chosen to be a Victor.  IAM is different, because its purpose is to empower others to heal themselves.

Through Medical Intuition, I offer Energy Assessment and Therapy to treat energy imbalances manifesting as emotional and physical discomforts.  Those who choose IAM will likely see a decrease in these physical and emotional discomforts.  They will begin to view their traumatic life experiences as learning opportunities and become aware of their own unique skills.  They will feel more energetic and have the desire to grow and to help others do the same.

I have chosen to do this work for all those who seek alternative and complimentary healing options, self-healing empowerment and healing support.  I have chosen to do this work for my family, so that we may live a life of balance, abundance, peace and bliss. Finally, I have chosen to do this work for my Self – my healed Self and the parts of my Self that are still healing

I want to leave people with a renewed awareness of their energy centres and a new sense of self-healing wisdom, empowerment and direction.  I want my clients to realize that their life experiences, however traumatic, have a direct impact on their physical and emotional well-being and also that of others.  Through individual self-healing, it is my hope that the energetic imbalances that exist and have existed for generations can finally begin to heal the Past, the Present and the Future.

Gramma SlaterSTUDY

They called her Dr Slater, but she wasn’t a doctor.  People would come to see her from all over for all sorts of problems.  From earaches and toothaches to insights and predictions – Dr Slater was the lady to see.  OHIP had not yet been created and many people couldn’t afford to see a real doctor, so they depended on healing intuitives like Dr Slater instead.  I called her Gramma.  They say that Intuitive abilities are passed from generation to generation.  So I guess I can say that my Intuitive study began with my grandmother.

I have been a Licensed Optician for over sixteen years.  An Optician is an expert in optics or light.  I design different materials of varying angles and thicknesses to bend light for optical correction – you may know them as eyeglasses and contact lenses.  I have found my study of light as an Optician to be an insightful reference for my study of energy as a Medical Intuitive.

The study of Energy is not new, but can be traced back to ancient Egyptian and Indigenous times.  Some of my personal study of modern Energy authors have included, Carolyn Myss – Anatomy of the Spirit; James Redfield – The Celestine Prophecy; Matt Khan – Whatever Arises, Love That; Deepak Chopra – Perfect Health and Candace Pert – Molecules of Emotion.  I am also a graduate of the International College of Medical Intuition.  I have learned firsthand, that no one can heal another, but only encourage one to heal them self I trust that Intuition will once again become a respected part of Medicine.

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