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IAM Energy Therapy Photography is based on the concepts of ancient-Egyptian Colour or Energy Therapy as well as new-age Energy Anatomy.  As a Certified Medical Intuitive and Counsellor, Angela uses colour as a tool to identify Energy imbalances of the Chakras, which may lead to physical and mental discomforts.

Angela Slater uses natural light, texture and contrast to create her IAM Energy Therapy line of Photography.  She is inspired by the energetic beauty of the world around her.

“When we fully appreciate Beauty, we exchange Divine Energy in the form of Love.”

Angela’s passion for Light, Laughter and Love are expressed in every image she captures.

When considering her IAM Energy Therapy Photography, Angela recommends that you first take her FREE IAM Self-Energy Assessment for a quick, subjective glimpse at your Energy Centres.  She then recommends that you quietly view the complete photography line and choose the image or images that seem to speak to you or fill up your heart.

“Always trust that your heart will be your truest healing guide.”

Digitally signed, monogrammed IAM Energy Therapy Photography Prints are available for order in various options and sizes as well as Greeting Cards, Coffee Mugs and T-Shirts here:




IAM Chakra Meditation Videos re-balance Energy Centres using their related colours.  For example:  Yellow can be used to balance the Solar Chakra and increase Self-confidence, Empowerment and Respect.

Angela Slater has written poetry as an expressive tool throughout her healing journey.  Her careful use of rhythm, repetition and even the odd rhyme create modern poems that are easily understood.  She is inspired by Truth.

“When we fully appreciate Truth, we exchange Divine Energy in the form of Wisdom.”

Angela has combined her poetry and photography to create her IAM Energy Therapy line of Meditations.

When considering her IAM Energy Therapy Meditations, Angela recommends that you first take her FREE IAM Self-Energy Assessment for a quick, subjective glimpse at your Energy Centres.  She then recommends that you quietly listen to each meditation sample and choose the video or videos that seem to speak to you or fill up your heart.

“Always trust that your heart will be your truest healing guide.”

Watch Angela’s FREE IAM Chakra Meditation Videos here:





IAM Energy Therapy Class 2: For Crown Chakra Healing, to improve Consciousness, Inspiration, and Devotion

Intuitively GUIDED by Angela –

  • Colour Therapy Presentation – History of ancient Colour Therapy as well as modern Energy Anatomy; Defining Medical Intuition, Modern Mysticism and the Healing Arts; Energy Therapy purposes and treatments.
  • Self-Energy Assessment – Work-sheet and Colour Therapy Tea provided; Presentaion of each Chakra and its physical, emotional characteristics; Work-time provided for each Self-Energy Assessment section.
  • Chakra Healing Meditation – Colour Therapy Essential Oil and Gemstone provided; live presentation of related Chakra Healing Meditation.

60 Minutes, Wednesday Evenings, Limited to 10 Students, including Colour Therapy TEA & GEMS

$33.00 Individual Class; $210.00 IAM CLASS PACKAGE




Angela Slater-Meadows is now offering Therapeutic Touch Sessions at the IAM Medical Intuitive Clinic:

Each 1 Hour IAM Therapeutic GEMSTONE Touch Introductory Session is $77.00 and includes –

– 20 minute clinical Energetic case history

– 20 minute Therapeutic Touch session

– 20 minute rest-period with Gemstone therapy

An IAM Therapeutic GEMSTONE Touch Package is also available for $150.00 and includes:

– 1 x IAM Therapeutic Touch Introductory Session

– 2 x (30 minute) IAM Therapeutic Touch Follow-up Sessions

Each 30 Minute, IAM Therapeutic GEMSTONE Touch Follow-up Session is $40.00 and includes:

– 10 minute clinical Energetic check-in

– 10 minute Therapeutic Touch session

– 10 minute rest-period with Gemstone therapy

Booking online available, starting Friday January 19th:

BOOK NOWTT_Theresa_David.jpg

“Therapeutic Touch is a holistic, evidence-based therapy that incorporates the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy to promote balance and well-being.

Research and clinical experience have shown its effectiveness in:

– Promoting a relaxation response

– Reducing anxiety and stress

– Managing pain

– Improving sleep

– Facilitates the body’s natural healing process

– Fostering a sense of well-being”

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Soon To Be Released!


Soon To Be Released!


Here’s a Preview of two of Angela’s Healing Books!

“So how do you ask questions of the Light and what questions should you ask?  First and foremost, you must learn to recognize the Light’s true frequency.  This frequency is not so much a sound, but more of a feeling; it is not words that will identify the Light, but more about how the Words make you feel.  Have you ever asked yourself an important life question and you receive two completely opposite answers?  Which answer made you feel calm and which answer made you feel anxious; which answer seemed to come from Wisdom and which answer seemed to come from fear?  Maybe you wanted to believe the wise answer, but your fear or your ego wouldn’t let you.  Maybe you are so conditioned to believe that you cannot find answers from within yourself and your connection to the Light that you don’t even bother to ask anymore.  To not ask questions of the Light is to live in darkness.”

– Angela Slater, A Light Healing Guide & Memoir – Soon to be Released!

“The silence is deafening and the darkness suffocating.  Adria tries desperately to place herself.  The air smells of something expired and it stings her eyes and nostrils.  She is cold and alone. There isn’t a tree left standing upon the eroded ground within what appears to be a large park.  Adria manoeuvres toward the water’s edge, barely visible by the fog-screened moonlight.

She spots people swimming and a feeling of relief comes over her.  It quickly turns to horror and then panic.  The bodies are everywhere.  They bob stiffly in the water and lie twisted on the ground around her.  Adria opens her mouth to scream, but nothing comes out.  Her heart threatens to break through her chest.

Through a river of tears, Adria fumbles along the sunken bank.  She diverts her eyes of the death beneath her feet.  She even prays to escape a similar fate.  After what seems like hours, her adrenaline finally runs out.  Her feet refuse to take another step.  Adria stops to rest on the massive trunk of an ancient pine.  She reluctantly closes her eyes.  Her chest heaves as she struggles to catch her breath.

A sound suddenly pierces the night.  Adria’s lids open, but she does not jump.  Her body is numb.  She searches the milky sky for life.  A large bird flies overhead.  It carves a graceful trail through the fog.  She watches as if hypnotized.  Its black feathers shine purple as it criss-crosses the moon.  Adria hadn’t noticed the raven, but it was there all along.  It disappears behind a cloud.  Its call lingers on a breeze.  It reminds her of what her soul already understands.

Adria shivers as her body regulates the shock.  She wraps her arms tightly around her legs and draws them to her chest.  She rests her head on her knees.  Her eyes have finally run dry.  They follow the trail left by the raven.  Adria sees a familiar symbol high in the distance.  A symbol that had never before represented any comfort or hope.”

– Angela Slater, Three – Soon to be Released!

Intuitive Art Medicine Inc. Energy Assessment and/or Therapy are not intended to replace the treatment of a medical professional or registered therapist.  Results may vary and are not guaranteed.  For serious physical and/or emotional conditions, please seek emergency medical attention.
Privacy Notice:
All personal and health information collected by Intuitive Art Medicine Inc. is kept strictly confidential and handled in accordance with the Privacy Act of Canada.
Cancellation / Refund / Return Policy:
No refunds will be granted after an Intuitive Art Medicine Inc. Energy Assessment request has been submitted, regardless of cancellation by the client.
No returns will be granted of any Intuitive Art Medicine Inc. Energy Therapy products.  All sales are custom and therefore final.
Copyright © 2019 by Intuitive Art Medicine Inc.  All rights reserved.

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